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30 Voices winner: Team five - microphone

30 Voices winner: Team five - 'Eden'

30 Voices winner: Team five - 'Eden'

Mobility – how we move people and goods around – is reshaping our world, with far-reaching implications for infrastructure investment, consumer lending, insurance, healthcare and property.

With mobility-as-a-service shifting traditional market and regulatory boundaries, how can FS firms stay relevant to the evolving businesses driving the revolution? How can they integrate with the technologies and business models underpinning it?

What did our winning team come up with?

Mobility's current trajectory demands a real step-change in infrastructure development. Team Eden bring to bear the opportunities out there in the investments space.
Matthew Smith, Partner and FS Mobility 2030 lead, KPMG in the UK

The solution:

Eden is a platform to connect people. It is an opportunity for investors to easily put their capital towards solving environmental and mobility issues. By making investment transparent, accessible and collaborative, Eden links investors to projects - creating a greener future for everyone. The platform will initially focus on electric charging infrastructure, but it will be built to flex and scale to cater for other investment types, across multiple sectors. It is the kickstarter of eco-investments.

Air quality and carbon emissions are significant problems today, and are becoming increasingly critical for the next generation. Removing combustion engines from vehicles is a key part to solving this puzzle. However, this will only happen if clean and sustainable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is deployed in communities across the UK. This is no small initiative - with a potential £2bn in private and public investment required by 2030 to support 7 million electric vehicles; not forgetting the context of a cash-strapped government and a lack of political direction.

There will be two components to the Eden model:

The Eden platform - an app-based investment platform encouraging retail investments into a number of mixed risk funds. This will operate on a transaction fee per investment made.

The Eden Charge Point Operator - a company which installs and operates charge points using invested capital, as an initial investment fund opportunity. It takes a % margin on electricity sales and pays remaining profit back to investors as a return.

What Eden brings to Investors

  • An easy, transparent and convenient way of investing sustainably - utilising the EDEN app.
  • Targeted investments that improve your communities and contribute to the decarbonisation of the UK.
  • Provide a better way of saving/investing your money rather than holding it in a low-interest cash ISA.

What Eden brings to Partners

  • Aggregated access to the £1.5 trillion of UK retail deposits 3 and investments to finance electrification initiatives and infrastructure.
  • A knowledgeable partner to help plan, structure and execute your EV infrastructure projects.

What Eden brings to Society

  • An accelerated timetable for EV adoption - reducing emissions and saving lives.
  • Improved awareness of EV and green investing in general.
  • A thriving UK EV ecosystem - driving jobs and innovation.