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Project SIA: Tobacco product seizures in Europe

Project SIA: Visualising European tobacco seizures

The objective of the SIA project was to develop an online tool to track and monitor publicly available information on seizures of illicitly traded goods. The project started with tobacco products, and pilots are underway to expand the tracking and look into other illicitly traded goods. By aggregating the seizures information, trends start to emerge across the EU. These trends can help stakeholders when formulating plans to fight illicit trade, on their borders, across the EU as a whole and within countries. 

The project is presented as both a tool and insights report that collates some of the aggregated findings. The tool is designed for individual users to form their own conclusions. However, some key points in the insights report include:

  • The SIA Project research includes approximately 70% of reported seizures in 2016 and 2017
  • Large seizures of raw tobacco suggest the development of an internal illegal production within the EU
  • Seizures in Eastern Europe were on average smaller than Western Europe. The main smuggling routes in Eastern Europe to Western Europe require smugglers to cross land borders, often with relatively small amounts of tobacco
  • 80% of seizures are made away from border check-points, in shops, tracked vehicles or factory raids.
Read our full report:  Seizures Insight Analysis
You can access our interative tool here
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