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Mapping the journey to cyber security

Mapping the journey to cyber security

How we helped a global insurance group manage their cyber security risks alongside their major IT and digital transformation projects.

Paul Taylor

Partner and UK Head of Cyber Security

KPMG in the UK


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When a global insurance group needed to ensure they had a robust cyber security strategy to accompany their ongoing major IT and digital transformation projects, KPMG were on hand to help.

We helped deliver this strategy to build a modern digital business, underpinned by a strong foundation of customer trust, by:

  • Performing a cross-functional, technology, and people analysis of the group’s existing cyber security capability within the context of their threat landscape.
  • Helping our client with a peer-to-peer comparison within the insurance sector to develop a target state with a fit-for-purpose cyber strategy to go alongside it.

Our client now has that clear strategic direction and a clear road map for implementation with a transparent understanding of their cyber risk appetite.

We are on your side all the way. 

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