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Podcast: Perspectives on the New Reality

Podcast: Perspectives on the New Reality

Organisations have accelerated their digital transformations to handle the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses and their people. With lockdown easing, it’s time to think about the role of technology in a post-pandemic Britain and what that means for how we work.

In our latest podcast, we consider what our digital future will look like and how we get there.

Mark Williams, Partner, UK Ignition Lead, KPMG in the UK, is joined by:

Lisa Heneghan, Partner, Chief Digital Officer, KPMG in the UK, who reflects on KPMG’s Our Digital Future virtual event and gives her views on how organisations can accelerate their digital transformations and make their businesses future ready.

Garry Fingland, Chief Information Officer, Weir Group, who shares his vision of the digital future and how the pandemic has shaped it.

Mel Newton, Partner, People Consulting, KPMG in the UK, who considers new ways of working post COVID-19 and how we can keep employees engaged and productive.

Listen to episode 26, Our digital future

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What is the new reality for your business? You may be looking to improve resilience following COVID-19, understand what Brexit means for your business or accelerate your digital transformation. Whatever your challenge, our guests will have a view and practical advice to share.

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