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How to get more value from your technology investment

How to get more value from your technology investment

Why bolder thinking holds the key to success


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A wholescale refit of the technology underpinning the finance function is always a major investment. As a result, many businesses continue to upgrade finance solutions piecemeal, keeping spend low and addressing only the pain points where outdated technology solutions and complex processes are having the most negative impact. It’s often a missed opportunity.

A bolder, deeper reshaping of the finance function, with the newest cloud technology at its heart, has the potential to deliver exceptional value: cost savings from better financial management, improved efficiency and lower costs from streamlined, end-to-end processes, more time for higher-value activity and smarter insights from data. The function’s ability to support the wider business is transformed.

This is the type of ambitious transformation we delivered for one of the world’s biggest retailers. A global implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud established an impressive, modern capability to support this client’s growing business into the future. 

Download this in-depth case story to find out:

  • The potential benefits you can achieve with bolder thinking on technology investment 
  • Some of the key steps to planning a technology-driven transformation of the finance function
  • How accelerators can help speed up and help reduce risks associated with the implementation of a new platform
  • What lessons your business can take from our client’s finance transformation

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