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Rise of the Humans 3

Rise of the Humans 3

Shaping the workforce of the future

Robert Bolton

Partner, Global People and Change Centre of Excellence

KPMG in the UK


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The unique convergence of Artificial Intelligence, robotic process automation, machine learning, and cognitive platforms has had a profound impact on the workforce. A new division of labour between the bots and the bosses will demand a transformation of traditional workforce management and skills acquisition.

As the pace of change continues to accelerate and HR leaders are confronted by pressing and unprecedented challenges, this report provides key insights and learnings that not only consider aspects of the current environment, but intelligent solutions for success such as:

  • Exploring the emergence of AI and related technologies on the workforce and what it means for leadership and workforce management
  • Defining a strategic roadmap for organisations seeking clarity on the disruptive impact of AI on their workforce 
  • Sharing the lessons we’ve witnessed during workforce-shaping initiatives with our clients.

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