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Reimagine Tertiary Education

Reimagining tertiary education

How can Australia better equip its tertiary education system for economic and social change?

Justine Andrew

Market Director, Education

KPMG in the UK


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Love or loathe the phrase “fourth industrial revolution”, we are undoubtedly living through a seismic shift in technological capabilities. Whether it’s the environment, inequality, ageing or any other global challenge - an emerging cluster of new technologies have the potential to offer disruptive solutions to hitherto stubborn problems.

One area where big changes may be overdue is our education and training structure. Here, we share some emerging ideas from Down Under, along with challenges that both nations need to face up to. We believe the time for change in the UK is ripe; with the government’s reviews of post-18 education, funding, new “T levels”, and Labour’s emerging National Education Service, there is large scope for transformation.

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