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KPMG Privacy Apps

KPMG Privacy Apps

The privacy game has changed

GDPR has given consumers unprecedented rights over the personal information companies’ hold about them.

Businesses are changing at an ever faster pace – constantly introducing and changing products and services, and collecting more information about consumers than ever. Organisations need to earn consumer trust around how they use, access, process, protect and delete their data, striking the right balance between relationship-building and intrusion.

In addition, companies face a complex web of national privacy, data protection and marketing laws beyond GDPR, which vary between jurisdictions and sectors.

The power of five

Organisations need industrial-strength systems to manage privacy in a sustainable way and help them move from a defensible position around privacy to leveraging privacy for competitive advantage – which is why we’ve developed KPMG Privacy Apps on Appian.

Our suite of apps is designed to give you the ability to meet privacy requirements in a way that’s automated, integrated, scalable and robust. Devised by a dedicated KPMG team of global privacy and technical specialists and with input from twenty five clients, the five core KPMG Privacy Apps are:

1. KPMG Data Subject Rights App

2. KPMG Personal Data Breach App

3. KPMG Privacy Impact Assessment App

4. KPMG Privacy Helpdesk App

5. KPMG Privacy Article 30 Inventory App

As well as automating data compliance, these tools are designed to provide transparency via simple-to-use dashboards and intuitive analysis and reporting features.

Compliance with confidence

Our apps mean you no longer need to rely on unsuitable processes and technology when responding to data subject requests.

The suite is designed to give you a robust and secure platform on which you can manage data privacy compliance easily and cost-effectively. Plus, its flexibility allows you to evolve your compliance capabilities as your business changes – with minimal configuration.

KPMG Privacy Apps enable you to:

Broad Ranging Capabilities

KPMG Privacy Apps - helping to make privacy a competitive advantage.