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KPMG Brexit Immigration Online

KPMG Brexit Immigration Online

People concerns are the most common – and most emotive – theme in our discussions with clients about Brexit.

We know that as an employer, you want to support your staff, and make the post-Brexit landscape as simple as possible for them.

KPMG’s unique Brexit Immigration Online tool allows your EU-national employees to:

  1. Assess their post-Brexit immigration status
  2. Identify the options available to them
  3. Understand the actions they can take now and will need to take in the near future

Practical support

With an intuitive interface, Brexit Immigration Online is available for use on PCs, tablets and most browser enabled mobile devices. Features include:

Introduction to Brexit

  • Information and guidelines for EU nationals in the UK
  • What to expect over the next few years and how to prepare

Personal assessment

  • Input of general details around current personal immigration history and that of family members


  • Detailed explanations regarding the optional and mandatory actions available
  • Instructional videos based on the results of the personal immigration assessment
  • Guidance on applying for permanent residence under the existing system
  • Guidance on submitting an application under the new system

Ongoing support

  • Select a bespoke level of immigration support from our dedicated KPMG Legal Services Team.
  • Plus, we’ll be adding new modules with detailed guidance and instructions as the Brexit landscape develops, for example:
    • 1st major update: EU Settled Status Scheme on public release
    • 2nd major update: The new immigration system for EU nationals and their family members following Brexit

Making it easy

Our online e-learning module makes it easy to support employees impacted by Brexit. It helps enhance your employer brand among EU-national staff by:

  • Keeping them updated – without the need to regularly distribute new information to potentially hundreds of people
  • Giving them the latest guidance as soon as new developments emerge
  • Offering them pro-active support – without assuming responsibility for individual applications or giving firm legal advice
  • Encouraging self-service and independence, while making sure they feel supported

KPMG Brexit Immigration Online – helping you support your people through Brexit.


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