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CxO Evolution: AI business leaders

CxO Evolution: AI business leaders

Four technology leaders share their thoughts on why businesses cannot afford to ignore technology, innovation and disruption.


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The frequency with which senior management is asking itself questions around technology is what led Newcastle Office Senior Partner, David Elliott, to host another technology inspired event and report on it as part our Executive Exchanges series.

As part of the event, Jeremy White (Executive Editor, WIRED magazine), Austen Atkinson (CEO, Lexicon), Brian Palmer (CEO, Tharsus) and Andy Radcliffe (CEO, Esh Group) provided their insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The possibilities being opened up by AI are incredible. “It can come as quite a shock to learn what’s possible today, let alone what might be possible tomorrow”, said David, in his summary of Jeremy’s presentation, which you can download here.

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