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Building a successful ‘software-as-a-service’ business

Building a successful ‘software-as-a-service’ business

The journey to an “as a service” business model can be difficult, but the rewards for those who succeed are great. For the software sector in particular, this evolution is a must and, with the right approach, can deliver great value to businesses and shareholders.


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The opportunity represented by ‘as a service’ businesses is significant. For the software sector in particular, this kind of model is now a must. But in an environment where the whole relationship between business and consumer is being redefined, how should companies respond, and what can they do to ensure continued growth, sustainability and customer satisfaction? 

This quick read addresses the following levels of challenges to building a successful SaaS business;

- Meeting customer expectations

- Understanding the impacts of a subscription model

- Delivering product "as-a-service" model

- Shaping capabilities and culture in the same way businesses design and build their products.

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