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Brexit’s hidden tax questions for asset managers

Post-Brexit tax for asset managers

We explore the key tax considerations for asset managers post-Brexit.


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Brexit raises several questions for asset managers such as: How will the loss of passporting affect the products and services they offer; and how might they need to transform their operating models - to name a few. 

Firms must remember that many actions taken to lessen Brexit’s impact will influence the amount of tax firms pay the UK and EU27. Because of this, asset managers will need to think about their choice of jurisdiction, repatriating profits, moving branches, VAT and moving contracts to an EU entity.

This article explores five of the big tax issues that asset managers will need to tackle once the UK has left the EU.

  • Choice of jurisdiction
  • Profits repatriation
  • Moving branches
  • Moving Contracts to an EU entity 
  • VAT

You can download and read our full report: Brexit’s hidden tax questions for asset managers

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