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Where to play and how to win in retail

Winning in retail

Insights on the latest trends in M&A and retail in the UK.

The latest trends in M&A and retail in the UK

Disruption is a constant in the ever evolving world of retail. Rising costs for the sector such as business rates and wage increases, thinning margins and fierce competition is putting pressure on players in the market to find sustainable success.

However, the retail market continues to surprise, and there are as many success stories in this sector as there are headline grabbing high-street closures.

Is there a winning formula to unlock the value in retail? Included here is a sample of our analysis of the retail market - covering the continued potential of ecommerce, importance of having timely liquidity conversations with lenders and our tips on the warning signs and how best to avoid financial distress – looking at real-life case studies of those businesses who have succeeded.

If you’re looking to buy, sell, fund or fix a business we have a team who can help. For more of the latest insights on retail, visit our Consumer and Retail page.

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