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Reimagine sentencing

Reimagine sentencing

Prison sentences should not be described only as ‘how long’ but also include goals for offenders to achieve whilst in prison to minimise reoffending.


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Statistics indicate that the current system of sentencing is not succeeding in minimising reoffending.

Instead of simply specifying the length of a sentence to be served, what if judges had more options at their disposal – enabling them to set relevant, positive goals for offenders to achieve whilst in prison? 

By focusing on the outcome for the prisoner, this would make for more rewarding and varied careers for prison officers, addressing a major challenge for the prison service today. Such a solution is radical, but in aligning incentives for all parts of the justice system, has the potential to enable the prisoner’s journey to rehabilitation to be more efficient for prisoners and the society at large.

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For more disruptive ideas on how to address public policy challenges, read our full report: Reimagine public policy. Alternatively you can download this chapter: Reimagine sentencing.

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