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Re-imagine property taxes

Re-imagine property taxes

We look at how a new approach to taxation could improve funding for infrastructure and social care, while taking some of the heat out of the housing market.

Mark Essex

Director, Public Policy

KPMG in the UK


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The UK’s approach to business investment, demographics, housing market and its system of social care; are suffering from long-term, structural problems. And these are becoming ever more acute – threatening to make our country a less competitive, less productive and less fair place.

But, we have the levers to address these challenges, shifting the dynamics to transform our downward spiral into a virtuous circle. We are proposing a mechanism to pull on those levers.

Our Re-imagine property taxes article is one of a series of ideas we’re publishing, to create debate around new ways for government to achieve public policy objectives. To read the full report: Reimagine public policy, please download here.

Contact us if you’d like to be the first to receive a copy of future pieces and to share any thoughts you have on the issues outlined.

Re-imagine property taxes
Our tax system encourages investments in homes, rather than capital and R&D – creating a vicious circle that contributes to the UK’s low productivity – whilst the way we fund social care penalises those unlucky enough to suffer from long-term conditions and their families. Mark Essex presents an elegant solution that could improve housing affordability, infrastructure investment, economic productivity and our social care system.
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