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Reimagine prisoner classification

Reimagine public policy – Prisoner classification

How a new prison configuration could improve outcomes for prisoners, boost prison staff job satisfaction and make a better use of public investment.


Nicholas Fox

Partner, Head of Government (Justice)

KPMG in the UK


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Reimagine prisoner classification - prisoner classification illustration

Businesses that try to be too many things to too many people risk failing to deliver for everyone. This is a problem that also afflicts our prison system.

At present, we expect all prisons to provide a vast range of services and to manage all offenders’ needs and goals, with limited ability to specialise or take advantage of local expertise or circumstances.

Prisoners are classified according to risk – principally their risk of absconding – rather than their needs in terms of rehabilitation. What if we divided them according to both risk and need? How would that work?

Read the article and let us know what you think.

For more disruptive ideas on how to address public policy challenges, read our full report: Reimagine public policy. Alternatively you can download this chapter: Reimagine prisoner classification.

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