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Mobility 2030: Planning ahead for critical infrastructure challenges

Mobility 2030: Infrastructure challenges

Our article explores the importance of having the right infrastructure in place to help combat challenges in the future mobility ecosystem.


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Effective and efficient future mobility depends as much on having the right infrastructure in place, as it does on technological innovation.

With the infrastructure investment required for a truly integrated mobility ecosystem likely to run into the billions, the importance of planning ahead is critically important. Without it, the future will be more complex and significantly more expensive to build. The critical question, of course, is who will fund it?

Our article Mobility 2030: Planning ahead for critical infrastructure challenges (PDF 436.1 KB) explores the challenges that lie ahead. In particular:

  • The impact of autonomous vehicles (AV) on congestion, leading to higher demand for road space capacity. 
  • Key urban design and planning issues, such as repurposing roads, car parks, taxi ranks and train stations to meet future needs. 
  • The significant investment in infrastructure needed to support mass uptake of electric vehicles.
  • Expanding the range and scale of collaborative communications between vehicles to support the volume of data produced by AVs.

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