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Has ecommerce come of age in retail?

Has ecommerce come of age in retail?

We look at the trailblazers riding the ecommerce wave in retail and highlight those have wised up and embraced digital.


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The good news for investors is ecommerce has turned a corner and now a number of emerging retailers have cracked the code of sustainable, profitable growth. A closer look reveals a hotbed of growth and innovation that has consistently propped up against otherwise waning sales performance thanks to the increasing use of ecommerce solutions. However, has ecommerce finally matured? 

Brands are starting to embrace digital, but only a few have managed to orchestrate their operations in a way that meaningfully improves their customer lifetime value to acquisition cost ratio (CLV:CAC). In our report Robert Baxter, Partner - UK Head of Retail M&A, looks at the ‘trailblazers’ riding the ecommerce wave with varying degrees of success. He also investigates the winning formula behind optimal online performance and discusses key trends around consumer habits, brand value and the cost of serving customers. 

You can read his full report on the retail industry’s digital revolution here.

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