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How the UK’s energy system can move to a future fuels mix

Future fuel mix: Impact on the UK energy system

The future transport fuels mix will transform the UK energy system with many challenges and opportunities for multiple industries.


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Future fuel mix: Impact on the UK energy system - Future Fuels

The shift away from the internal combustion engine is gathering momentum. But what might the UK transport fuel mix look like in 2030 and beyond? And, what are the implications for the energy system, infrastructure and government’s role in that transition?

Our report: Future fuels mix -The impact of the future transport fuel mix on the UK energy system

  • Forecasts, the level of electrification in lighter vehicles and possible rates for medium and heavy vehicles on a ‘plural fuel’ mix.
  • Maps out how Britain’s transport system is likely to converge towards a dual fuel mix by 2050, driven by infrastructural advances and the need for a more sustainable system.
  • Explores both the challenges and opportunities faced by the automotive, logistics and financial services sectors; government and infrastructure, as well as new entrants to energy in moving to the new fuel mix.

You can download the Future fuels mix report here. 

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