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What are the top 10 trends in the restaurant and bars industry?

Top 10 trends in eating and drinking out

Casual dining might have taken a hit, but restaurant owners and industry experts remain largely positive. We outline our key trends from the KPMG & NatWest Restaurants and Bars Summer Conference.

Will Hawkley

Global Head of Leisure and Hospitality

KPMG in the UK


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What are the top 10 trends in the out-of-home eating and drinking industry - Pizza Illustration

The KPMG & NatWest Restaurants and Bars Summer Conference brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss the big issues facing this fast-moving sector. They discussed fierce competition, the sluggish economy, mounting property and people costs and uncertainty around Brexit creating a tough market for casual dining; but ultimately they agreed that good brands can still thrive – the customer hasn’t stopped eating out.

The conference discussions identified the top 10 trends in out-of-home eating and drinking, including challenges and reasons to remain optimistic. The key insights are:

  • Despite many challenges, brands with the right offer at the right price have plenty of scope for growth.
  • Brexit remains a central theme that businesses in the sector need to prepare for, especially when it comes to possible problems in food and labour supply.
  • Investing in relationships with food producers and suppliers and fostering close collaboration are key to achieve a strong supply chain and a successful restaurant or bar business.

You can read about all 10 trends here.

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