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Risk Insights archive

Risk Insights archive

Risk Insights archive

Business resilience in the modern world

An insight into the new contradictions that risk management approaches need to accommodate.


Internal Audit: Supply chains pinpoint your weakest links

We examine how supply chain management has become increasingly global and complex making risk management more challenging.


Technology: reducing the risks

Examining business use of technology to understand where potential vulnerabilities lie and when to resource internal audit teams to ensure threats to business resilience are prevented.


Internal audit: Getting to grips with softer measures

Learn how internal audit functions are proactively addressing ‘softer’ measures, such as behaviour and culture, to drive business integrity.


Internal audit’s future: Ready for change?

Learn how data analytics and robotic process automation is helping change internal audit’s functions, to stay ahead of the competition.


Culture holds the key to business integrity

The board needs a trusted, objective view of culture. Who better than internal audit for the job?


A six-dimensional view of risk

What are the five steps needed to evaluate your business performance against the six capitals, promoting organisational change and enhancing business integrity?


Internal Audit: Champion of Integrity?

Our article examines the link between internal audit and business integrity, offering advice on how to identify and strengthen this connection.


Changing the perception of compliance

Are you aware of the four steps you can take to turn compliance into a competitive edge in your market?


Risky business: delivering great customer service in the digital age

How can organisations rethink the risks associated with their digital strategy?


Reinventing data protection: Are you digitally ready?

Understanding and preparing for new data regulations and how organisations can keep up with regulations in a digital world


Cyber security: The art of the hack

What do you do and whom do you hack? Would your systems stand up to a cyber attack? Notable penetration tester Mathew Ettelaie outlines what organisations should do to prepare.


Cyber security: an urgent business priority

Poor cyber security puts revenues and reputations at risk, which is why it should be such a high priority for the whole C-suite.


Five blockchain myths that just won’t die

What are the real risks behind blockchain technology? Get behind the hype and discover its true potential.


Unite to win against financial crime

Divided we fall: why communication and collaboration is the best weapon against cyber and financial fraud threats.


Conduct risk: a lesson from the banks

Banks have focused on minimising conduct risk in the past decade, but the experience of other organisations shows they need to look at culture and customer experience too.


Three things golf can teach you about risk management

How can lessons from golf shape your approach to risk management? I talk through three of them – risk, technology and complacency.


Compliance: your new secret weapon

Business leaders still view the need to comply with legislation as an unwanted burden rather than a chance to define their company. It’s time to listen and not dictate.


Fraudsters and how to find them

There’s no getting away from fraud - we consider the circumstances they thrive in and the mechanisms that can help stop them.


Risk-based strategies: Creating opportunities from risk

If companies are going to turn disruption into opportunity, many will need to revolutionise their approach to risk management. 


Video: How can companies turn risk into advantage?

Melissa Allen, UK head of risk consulting at KPMG in the UK, discusses how using the right tools can turn risk into a competitive advantage.


All change! A dynamic future calls for dynamic risk management

If CEOs want to develop a more dynamic approach to strategy they need strong Chief Risk Officers with holistic, commercial and pro-active view of risk. 


How to create a robust risk culture

Your weakest link? Is a flabby risk culture undermining robust risk management in your business?


Dynamic Risk Assessment: a 3-D view of risk

Get a clearer picture of cyber risk. Discover a better way to understand risk in a complex, connected world.


Financial crime: Stop walking backwards into the future

Cyber threats are changing fast. Attacks are now directed by criminals aiming to monetise weaknesses via theft, blackmail or extortion


Taking the general counsel role to the next level

General counsels’ (GC) responsibilities have become increasingly complex in recent years. But with many businesses evolving at exceptional speed, GCs need to accelerate the transformation of their own roles.


Are you ready to place your trust in artificial intelligence?

If the risk team is not knocking on the boardroom door to discuss AI right now, either about the risks of using of AI or about using AI to manage risk, they soon will be. KPMG’s Shamus Rae and Paul Holland discuss.