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Reimagine Challenge 2018

Reimagine Challenge 2018

Teams of civil servants come together to address some of the public sector’s biggest challenges.

Nicholas Fox

Partner, Head of Government (Justice)

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Four teams of civil servants were once again tasked with reimaging approaches to some of the public sector’s biggest challenges.

Each team was given a policy topic, eight full day sessions, and access to both the public and private sector to develop an innovative and realistic solution that will help improve public services.
The teams then came together to present their ideas in front of a judging panel at the live final in November.

Last year’s topics:

1. What is your strategy for a sustainable economic growth in the regions?

The Government is actively funding programmes to revolutionise the way in which the Civil Service works. But could it be more ambitious? Can we expand collaboration beyond the civil service and into the private and third sectors?

2. How can business help develop lifelong learning?

Further education colleges play a valuable role in identifying skill needs of local economies, identifying budgets and helping adults to gain higher level skills, and with that, increase productivity. How can we harness the facilities, premises and experience of businesses to enhance and expand lifelong learning delivery beyond the traditional education cycle?

3. Pension provision for the gig economy

“Pre-tiring” in which people take time away from the workplace at different times is becoming more prevalent. Do we have a system of pension provision which supports these ways of working?

4. Let’s make sure no-one has to choose between heating and eating

It is a sad fact that the poorest in our society often pay more per unit for their utilities and also food. If such people are in receipt of state benefits, this means that the Government is, via the wallets of the benefit claimant, diluting its own credit rating and economy of scale. Are there opportunities to simplify this inefficient chain?

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