2018 Global Manufacturing Outlook | KPMG | UK
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2018 Global Manufacturing Outlook

2018 Global Manufacturing Outlook

CEOs of manufacturing companies around the world offer their views in a survey of digital transformation trends and the opportunities of Industry 4.0.

CEOs of manufacturing companies around the world offer their views in a survey.

UK CEOs are at the forefront of understanding what next-generation technologies can do for their business according to our latest global survey of manufacturing CEOs, pointing to an ambitious, but potentially bright future ahead for UK manufacturing.

In this 8th edition of the Global Manufacturing Outlook report, our findings from a survey of 300 global CEOs and interviews with manufacturing industry executives and KPMG partners show manufacturers have no time to waste in building a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. As Industry 4.0 lowers barriers to entry and traditional industries begin to blend and merge, undoubtedly manufacturing will look very different over the next decade, compared to the previous century.

While the scale of change may be unprecedented, it’s an exciting time to be a part of UK manufacturing. There may be a long journey ahead, but the opportunities for growth are there for those who embrace the new and grasp the benefits digital transformation will bring.


UK highlights include:

Manufacturing industry primed for cyber-attacks

  • 34% of UK manufacturing CEOs feel well prepared for a cyber attack, compared to 49% of global CEOs across different industries.
  • 31% of UK manufacturing CEOs agree that it's a case of 'when' not 'if' their organisation becomes the victim of a cyber attack, compared to 47% of global CEOs across different industries.

Territorialism is top threat to growth

  • More than half of UK manufacturing CEOs consider a return to territorialism as a top threat to their business growth.
  • 75% of UK manufacturing CEOs feel confident about the growth prospects for the UK in general.

Investing in skills of the future

  • Data scientists will be the most sought-after experts in the sector, according to 72% of UK CEOs.
  • 69% are already hiring new skill sets, regardless of future growth and targets, compared to just 49% of global manufacturing CEOs, putting the UK ahead of the curve.

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