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International update for April

International update for April

Tim Sarson’s latest summary of international developments.


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Both China and America have initiated complaints to the World Trade Organisation in response to the customs duty war taking place between the two countries. On 1 July 2018, the OECD’s multilateral instrument will enter into force in five European jurisdictions. In Europe, Luxembourg has introduced a new IP regime, Sweden has presented its proposed new legislation on corporate interest deductions, and Austria has drafted several changes to Austrian tax law. Further afield, both Australia and New Zealand report potential tax changes relating to R&D, and Thailand is the latest country to consider unilateral action in response to the digital economy.

In the latest of his regular articles for Tax Journal*, Tim Sarson rounds up recent international developments. This month’s article looks at:

  • Customs tariffs imposed by the US and China;
  • The OECD’s multilateral instrument entering into force;
  • Luxembourg’s new intellectual property (IP) regime;
  • Swedish tax proposals on corporate interest deductions;
  • Austrian tax changes;
  • Proposed R&D changes in Australia and New Zealand; and 
  • Thailand’s response to taxing the digital economy. 

* First published in Tax Journal on 27 April 2018. Reproduced with permission.

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