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Personal Perspectives archive

Past thought leadership from our private client team.

Greg Limb

Partner, UK and Global Head of Family Office and Private Client

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August 2021 edition

Capital taxes: beyond the pandemic
Capital tax reform remains on the agenda as the Government aims to rebalance public finances. What could potential changes to capital tax mean for private clients? Greg Limb explores the potential implications.

Shareholder taxes – where are we now?
Although Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax rates were not changed in the 2021 March Budget, these changes are still very much on the cards. Nick Pheasey shares his perspective on the future of shareholder taxes.

Keeping up with crypto: the tax implications
Tax around crypto is complex and depending on your circumstances you could end up having your crypto profits dented by Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Derek Scott looks at how HMRC taxes cryptoassets.

Selling your business: three key tax considerations for private business owners
Ahead of potential changes to capital gains tax, Nick Pheasey talks through what shareholders have been raising and what are the most important points to consider when selling your business.

February 2021 edition

Capital taxes under the spotlight

 Tax increases are inevitable once Rishi Sunak begins rebalancing public spending. Greg Limb explores the impact of the measures being considered.

The Future of Personal Tax – what next? 

As the March 2021 Budget approaches, what will reform of capital taxes look like and when will it happen? 

Will history repeat itself? 

A look back at how previous Chancellors have changed capital gains tax and the resulting impacts of such changes. 

Should the UK have a wealth tax? 

The decision of whether the UK Government introduce a wealth tax should not be taken in isolation. 

5 reasons you should prioritise your personal tax compliance 

The accurate and timely filing of your self-assessment tax return has never been more important.

Preserving the past and planning for the future 

Holding together an estate with a long history is no mean feat; the threats come in many guises.

Proactive family business succession - the new normal? 

With capital gains tax and inheritance tax under review, how might this impact family business succession planning?

Navigating the family business success(ion) maze 

For business families, succession planning can help ensure prosperity of their business in the future.

August 2020 edition

Wealth – to tax or not to tax

What is the purpose of tax? The concept of equitable taxation is one that remains much debated across the world. Greg Limb explores the potential introduction of a wealth tax in his latest blog.

Future planning: BPR and IHT

To support decisions around business succession and wealth transfer, we explore how best to maximise and protect the availability of Inheritance Tax and Business Property Relief.

Investor tax reporting: 3 reasons to check the detail

While UK taxpayers may now defer payments on account until January 2021, it will still be necessary to submit tax returns as normal. We outline the key reasons to check the detail in your tax pack.

Alternatives to Business Asset Disposal Relief

With the restriction of the Business Asset Disposable Relief following the 2020 Spring Budget, we explore some of the other tax reliefs still available to investors.

A perspective on philanthropy and options for giving

Jo Bateson, Tax Partner, Private Client Advisory, shares her perspectives on the changing approach to philanthropy and how best to decide on a strategy that suits you.

A perspective on the globalisation of wealth

Greg Limb discusses how wealthy individuals and family offices are now operating globally and therefore a comprehensive solution to handling their wealth is required.

A perspective on family governance frameworks

Andra Ilie, Senior Manager, Family Office and Governance, discusses the importance of having a clearly defined purpose when planning a successful journey for the family and their wealth.


June 2018 edition

Nudge, Nudge: Think, Think

HMRC is writing to those with offshore tax risks. What do you do if you get a letter?

The changing face of Entrepreneur Relief

The Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) landscape has become far more complex. Failing to meet the conditions could land you with an unexpected tax liability – or even a penalty.

To remit, or not to remit?

Should you pay the remittance basis charge? Read our guidance for non-doms

Tax reports - giving your adviser the complete picture

Tax reports come in at this time of year – but here’s what they may not tell you about.

Business Property Relief and family business succession planning

Business Property Relief can catch family firms out. Make sure you know the rules.

The art of giving

Supporting charities with your wealth can be more complex than you might think. It also comes with tax implications – for your cause, and for yourself.

Tightening the commercial property tax net

New rules due in 2019 reflect HMRC’s stricter stance on UK property ownership by non-resident individuals and entities.

Personal Perspectives

A collection of articles for wealthy individuals, family offices and entrepreneurs.

Non-dom trusts: The changing landscape

We look at how the latest non-dom rule changes affect the tax status of their offshore trusts.

Don't miss out when financing enterprises

Investors and entrepreneurs can take advantage of a range of tax reliefs when funding small businesses – not all of which are widely used.

Making the most of a land sale

The national housing crisis is pushing up the value of agricultural land. And with the Government promising to provide 300,000 new homes a year, it may inflate even further.

February 2017 edition

This edition was issued at a time when the UK’s economy is strong within the global market place, but the negotiations around leaving the EU inevitably promise a challenging period of uncertainty. Accordingly, we focused on the challenge of change with the theme of managing through uncertainty and disruption.

Thriving on the challenge of change

Entrepreneur Ian Townsend talks about how he thrives on the challenge of getting to grips with something new and explains how this has now led him into new ‘lifestyle’ related ventures.

The family business - till death do us part?

An individual owning a family business needs to identify commercial and family objectives before weighing up the impacts of either selling or keeping the business. We examine the tax impact of continuing to own a profitable business until death.

Do you hold offshore assets?

HMRC are raising the financial stakes and introducing the reputational damage of being 'named and shamed' for failure to correct compliance errors in relation to offshore assets. With complex tax rules, unintentional errors can easily happen and we highlight some positive actions to help manage the resulting uncertainty.

The times they are a-changin' (for non-doms)

With the changes impacting non-doms, we highlight how Wednesday 5 April 2017 will be ‘switchover day’ for many long-term resident non-doms and question if those who might be affected are prepared.

UK transparency for non-UK companies

Do you own a UK company, a UK business or property through a non UK company? Are you aware of the legal obligations, including those which bring personal obligations for individuals who are the ultimate owners? Our guide looks at what you need to look out for.

Would you like to live in the UK?

With an impending Brexit we are expecting to see restricted access to the UK for EU citizens. But the UK is still a welcoming attractive country and a place which many people would like to relocate. We explore the ‘investor visa’, which allows non-UK nationals access if they invest in the UK.

On the horizon

A snapshot of developments on some of the other more significant areas of change that are relevant for Private Clients.

Download a full copy of Personal Perspectives – February 2017 or to view on your eReader please click here.

July 2016 edition

The surprise Brexit result has made us stop and think again about the content in this edition and realise that all the areas covered remain very topical and in fact, the message of ‘take action’ is more relevant than ever in these uncertain times.

Taking action, with perspective

Danny Wyler, Chairman of ACPI Investments Group, talks about his career which began with his family’s grain trading company and highlights why we all can benefit from an interest in the performing arts. 

Family business, the challenge of change

Planning for future ownership and succession is one of the most pressing concerns for every business family. So what type of help is effective? 

Personal taxes, what's the plan?

Given the uncertainty, individuals are choosing options that meet their overall commercial and family objectives whilst maintaining flexibility. 

ER: Does your shareholding meet the 5% test?

You think you should benefit from Entrepreneurs’ Relief when you sell your business — but beware — the ‘5% test’ condition is catching people out. 

New CGT incentive for certain long term investors

A new tax relief for investors in private companies can secure a 10% tax rate on qualifying capital gains. Are you dwelling on your UK property investment? Investors are reconsidering both the nature of their investment and the suitability of holding structures 

I'm a UK resident non-dom, what should I do now?

I am about to pay UK tax on worldwide income and gains for the first time — and my UK residential property might be newly exposed to IHT both during my life time and when I die — what should I do now? 

Could transparency changes impact me?

Recent developments reinforce the need for anyone owning offshore assets to take sensible precautionary measures in advance of anticipated HMRC activity. 

On the horizon

A snapshot of developments on some of the more significant areas of change relevant to Private Clients.

Download a full copy of Personal Perspectives – July 2016 or to view on your eReader please click here.

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