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Mobility 2030: Opportunities for financial services

Mobility 2030: Opportunities for Financial Services

How will Financial Services enable the mobility ecosystem?


Partner and Head of Mobility 2030, KPMG Global Strategy Group

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In April 2018, KPMG brought together senior decision makers and strategic thinkers from a variety of sectors to explore how financial services will underpin the development and progression of the emerging mobility ecosystem, which is set to disrupt many sectors and their business models.

In particular, we asked these key questions:

• How will insurers adapt their products, propositions and solutions in a future mobility ecosystem where vehicles are not predominantly owned by individuals and new risks emerge?

• Who will benefit from the opportunity to finance the new and upgraded electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle infrastructure required to support the ecosystem?

• Will the desire for hyper-personalised mobility services change the approach of consumers to share personal data with payment and mobility as a service providers?

To find out more, watch experts from across the industry share their views on the impact of the mobility ecosystem on their industry, what winning business models will look like, and what role their industry will play in enabling this future ecosystem.

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