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Brexit: Supply chain, trade and customs archive

Brexit: Supply chain, trade and customs archive

Brexit: Supply chain, trade and customs archive

Supply chain, trade & customs articles


Under the surface 

Indirect Brexit impacts on your business could be costly and brand-damaging. Paul Crayford sets out the risks – and opportunities – for suppliers.


8 ways to strengthen your Brexit supply chain

Supply chain planners can’t know what post-Brexit trade looks like, but have to plan for it anyway. Andrew Underwood and Brian Connell outline the eight things they should consider.


Working capital: Strengthening your Brexit supply chain

Not having the right stock in the right place after Brexit could leave your working capital working overtime. Here’s how to beat a cash drain.


Customs: Strengthening your Brexit supply chain

How can you avoid any costly border delays in the event of a no-deal Brexit? Apply now for trusted trader status, says Bob Jones, KPMG in the UK customs lead.


Strategy rethink: Strengthening your Brexit supply chain

Precisely because it could load on extra costs, Brexit can be the catalyst to put your supply chains on a firmer footing says Iain Prince.


The Brexit Column: Me and my shadow supply chain

If no deal is agreed, businesses which trade with the EU will need a solid Plan B – aka a shadow supply chain strategy, says Paul Martin, KPMG’s UK Head of Retail.


The Brexit Column: Customs declaration

The UK government’s position paper on a future customs regime with the EU is a good start but businesses cannot afford to relax because of it.


Prepare your company for Brexit - Indirect Tax Impact Assessment Tool

Do you know which steps to take when preparing your company for Brexit?


The Brexit Column: The hard truth about a soft option

Goodwill on all sides could deliver a positive result for business says Mark Essex.


UK tax competitiveness: Succeeding in uncharted waters

The UK remains attractive place to do business but loses ground over Brexit, according to our latest survey of tax decision makers from the UK and beyond.


Is ‘reshoring’ the answer to Brexit uncertainty?

Businesses in the UK may soon decide that ‘Made in Britain’ is the best response to currency weakness and the threat of tariffs post Brexit, says KPMG supply chain expert Andrew Underwood.


The Brexit Column: Focus a US deal on services

US and UK negotiators should pay special attention to the services sector in an eventual trade deal in order to avoid political pitfalls, say Karen Briggs and Rohitesh Dhawan.


Brexit and trade: How Theresa May can navigate the customs conundrum

KPMG’s Bob Jones shares how the UK can navigate the customs union conundrum.


Withholding taxes: The cost of Brexit on the movement of capital

We explore the impact of the potential loss of EU Directives on the taxation of cross-border dividends, interest and royalties.


The Brexit Column: Not a complete Turkey

A trade agreement signed two decades ago could provide the inspiration for a compromise argues Mark Essex.


Tax Matters Strategies - Brexit Edition

We look at what the Brexit future might hold, offering Tax Directors insight for top-level discussions and decisions.


Planning for post-Brexit Britain: KPMG’s Indirect Tax Brexit Assessment Tool

We look at how data can be used to better understand and plan for Brexit risks and opportunities.


Brexit: Tax implications for multinationals

The impact on foreign companies.


The post-Brexit interpretation of UK VAT law

A recent Tax Journal article looks at the potential effect of Brexit on the UK VAT system.


Impact of Brexit on Tax

This article considers the models currently in existence which the UK may choose to adopt once it has ceased to be a member of the EU whilst also considering the likely impact on direct and indirect taxes.


Brexit and Pension Scheme buyouts

Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, markets have been turbulent, with equity and bond markets both seeing their fair share of ups and downs.