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Brexit: Strategy and governance archive

Brexit: Strategy & governance archive

Brexit: Strategy & governance archive

Strategy and governance articles


Keep your finance flowing

Companies should keep preparing for Brexit and in doing so consider the wider impact it could have on their financing and hedging, says Joe Cassidy.


View your business through a Brexit lens

As the Brexit countdown gets louder, it’s time to ensure your governance structure is fit for purpose – and ready to rocket-fuel your growth – says Katie Clinton, UK Head of Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance services.


Strategy rethink: Strengthening your Brexit supply chain

Precisely because it could load on extra costs, Brexit can be the catalyst to put your supply chains on a firmer footing says Iain Prince.


Managing your customers’ expectations after Brexit

Brand loyalty is all about careful expectations management. That could be crucial after Brexit, says Paul Martin, UK Head of Retail.


Building abroad

Whether you create a branch or subsidiary in the EU largely depends on the sector you operate in, says Tim Sarson, KPMG's value chain management expert.


UK tax competitiveness: Succeeding in uncharted waters

The UK remains attractive place to do business but loses ground over Brexit, according to our latest survey of tax decision makers from the UK and beyond.


Brexit and EU data privacy

KPMG’s Mark Thompson shares why UK companies must do more to prepare for arguably the biggest change to data protection for more than 20 years.


Brexit: establishing your game plan effectively

Paul Merrey, global partner the strategy group KPMG, speaks about Solvency II, freedom of people movement and passporting.


The taxing bit of Brexit

European banks need to consider the tax implications of relocating in the face of Brexit.