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Brexit: People & Talent

Brexit: People & Talent

Brexit: People & talent archive

People & talent articles


Don’t let your talent drift away

How do you hold onto your EU workforce? Be practical, personal and prepared, says Punam Birly, Brexit People & Immigration Lead.


Your post-Brexit team: a force for the future?

Securing your pipeline of world-class talent calls for careful planning – and plenty of imagination – says Tim Payne, Head of People and Change. 


The Brexit effect on EU nationals

We asked thousands of EU nationals in the UK and Europe how Brexit would change their futures? See what they told us, and what that means for UK employers. 


The Brexit Column: Avoiding an exodus

Understanding the myriad motivations of your EU-born staff is not just kind, it’s smart business practice, says Mark Essex.


Brexit: Impact on people in insurance and investment management

Andrea McNeil, senior manager people and change KPMG in the UK, outlines the importance of having a staff strategy in place during this period of uncertainty.


Brexit: Control on EU migration

The UK government is yet to confirm how, and the extent to which, it will control EU migration upon leaving the EU but EEA nationals are likely to face restrictions when working in UK and accessing social benefits.


Brexit: Handling the impact on your workforce

Responding to Brexit – What’s your workforce exposure and is your business ready? 


United Kingdom – What Does Travel to EU Mean if “No Deal” Brexit?

Travel/free movement scenarios by U.K. govt , what may emerge from EU/U.K. negotiations.


United Kingdom – Migration Advisory Committee Releases Final Report on EU Migration

Final report w/ important immigration recs from the U.K.’s Migration Advisory Committee.

United Kingdom – White Paper Takes Further Steps to Clarify Post-Brexit Relationship

New development in the U.K.’s Brexit plans, a White Paper that sets out plans & proposals.


United Kingdom – Government Announces Details on Brexit EU Settlement Scheme

U.K. government’s latest plans to accommodate EU nationals coming to/or in the U.K.

United Kingdom – Changes to Immigration Rules in Multiple Areas

Announcement by U.K. Gvmt of a variety of important changes to U.K. immigration rules.


United Kingdom - “Find a Job” Replaces Universal Jobmatch for Tier 2 Advertising

Report covers U.K.'s new free recruitment website, "Find a Job" services.


United Kingdom – Work Restrictions for Croatian Nationals to Expire in June

Croatian nationals will have the same rights to work in Britain as other EU citizens.


United Kingdom – Government Announces Changes to Immigration Fees from 6 April19

Recent legislation in the UK that would raise visa & immig fees starting on 6 April 2018.


United Kingdom – New Applications Forms for Applicants from Outside U.K.

U.K.’s Home Office of Tier 2 & Tier 2 dependant applications to Access UK, its new portal.


United Kingdom – Immigration Health Surcharge to Double

Announcement in the U.K. that the Immigration Health Surcharge will be doubled.


United Kingdom – Update on Agreement between U.K. and EU in Brexit Deal

Brexit negotiations concerning the rights of EU citizens in the UK & UK citizens in the EU.


United Kingdom – Government Communicates Changes Planned for Immigration Rules

Report covers a Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules put forward by the U.K. govt.


United Kingdom – Government Publishes Opening Position on Future Status of EU Migrants

Focusing on the approaches of the UK govt & the EU Commission to the status of nationals.


United Kingdom – 6 April Means Important Changes to Immigration Rules

In this GMS Flash Alert we highlight several of the important changes to the U.K.


United Kingdom – Changes to Immigration Rules Happening on 6 April 2017

This GMS Flash Alert reports on several significant changes to the U.K. Immigration.


United Kingdom – Government Says Criminal Record Certificates Needed for Select Jobs

This GMS Flash Alert reports on the need for all migrants applying under the Tier 2 visa.