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Brexit: Global and regional perspectives archive

Brexit: Global & regional perspectives archive

Brexit: Global & regional perspectives archive

Global and regional perspectives articles


International Brexit Boardroom Series - London event

Resetting for the future: A window into the global Brexit conversation.


Brexit: Resetting the West’s future

Top of the wish list for many of the region’s leaders is a harmonious regulatory environment, enabling the continued smooth running of their operations.


Brexit: Resetting the Midlands’ future

While FTSE 100 and multinational companies are advanced in their thinking around Brexit, many other firms only started considering its impact after Article 50 was triggered and are playing catch-up.


Brexit: Resetting London & the South-East's future

The number one challenge for many London firms is maintaining the availability of skills and talent. Here are a few of the interesting things we heard in London.


Brexit: Resetting Scotland's future

KPMG has been meeting with organisations around the UK to assess how they are responding to Brexit in a series of dinners, hosted jointly with the Financial Times. Here are a few of the interesting things we heard in Glasgow.


Resetting the future of our UK regions post-Brexit

Karen Briggs discusses what she hopes to discover at our regional roundtables with the Financial Times.


The Brexit Column: Scotland - uncertainty squared

As Scotland prepares not just for Brexit but also a possible second vote on independence, businesses need to future-proof themselves, says Catherine Burnet, Senior Partner for Scotland, KPMG in the UK.


Brexit: Resetting the North-West's future

The FT & KPMG Brexit Regional Roundtable series brings together the views of senior leaders from the worlds of business, politics and academia to discuss how they can practically respond to the challenges and opportunities of Brexit.


365BREXIT – your window into the conversation

KPMG International has just launched 365BREXIT - an innovative social media aggregation site that analyzes the Twitter conversations around topics related to Brexit, 365 days a year.


What will Brexit mean for business in Aberdeen?

Slim Gueddana, Audit Director KPMG in the UK, explains the likely pros and cons of Brexit on Aberdeen’s most prominent sectors, including oil & gas, fishing, farming and agriculture.


The Brexit Column: Ready for the regional renaissance?

As companies prepare to compete outside the Single Market, locating in the right part of the UK – surrounded by the best infrastructure, people, ideas and partners – could mean the difference between a good and bad Brexit.


Brexit: The next few months

KPMG's Mark Essex and Tim Sarson discuss the Brexit public policy.


Responding to Brexit and global influences

2017 will bring economic and political change. Hear from experts and business leaders about how they are responding.


Assessing the impact of Brexit on privately-owned businesses

Video interviews highlighting the key issues business owners should consider when preparing for Brexit.


Forging ahead: UK-ASEAN business after Brexit

Discussing 'Hard Brexit' vs 'Soft Brexit', Article 50 and sector perspectives.