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Creating Positive Pathways

Creating Positive Pathways

Helping ViiV Healthcare to improve quality of care for people living with HIV


Director, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy, UK

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ViiV Healthcare

The global pharmaceutical company, ViiV Healthcare, commissioned us to co-develop an initiative to improve quality of care for people living with HIV (PLHIV). 

The resulting Positive Pathways is an ongoing, transformational programme to share current practices in HIV care within and across countries. This unprecedented step in the field of HIV builds on ViiV’s commitment to ensure PLHIV are optimally diagnosed, fully engaged in care and able to achieve successful treatment outcomes, whilst supporting UNAID’s ambitious 90-90-901 HIV treatment target.

Our UK Healthcare and Life Sciences team helped design the programme, conducting primary research with some of the most renowned HIV centres globally and assembling an advisory board of medical experts to review and prioritise findings. 

By identifying and analysing current evidence-based approaches to care and sharing them worldwide, we are helping PLHIV lead better quality lives.

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1. UNAID’s 90-90-90 HIV treatment target:

90% of people living with HIV diagnosed by 2020.

90% of diagnosed people on antiretroviral treatment by 2020.

90% of people on treatment with a fully suppressed viral load by 2020.

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