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Turn back office transformation into profitable growth

Behind the scenes in your business can now mean ahead of the curve. Technologies such as automation, cloud and advanced analytics can unlock new ways of working in your back office functions, reaching beyond efficiency to create new capabilities for innovation, competitive advantage and customer experiences.

With a focus on employees and customers, transforming IT services can deliver a cultural shift that translates into business value.

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The Future of HR 2020: Which path are you taking?

The HR function is dealing with a range of questions: How can it prove its relevance within its organisation and bring strategic value? How can HR design an employee experience that responds to evolving demands? And how can it utilise technology to truly understand the needs and motivations of employees?

Based on survey results compiled from over 1,300 senior HR leaders globally, we found that 3 in 5 HR leaders believe that the HR function will rapidly become irrelevant if it doesn’t modernise its approach to understanding and planning for the future needs of the workforce.

We identified four interconnected focus areas prevalent for a small subset of the sample. We define this group as Pathfinding HR. This confident group of HR executives are simultaneously focusing on four discrete capabilities to chart their course to the future in a disrupted world.

Our Future of HR report, now conducted for more than 20 years, explores these four areas in detail:

Shaping the workforce of the future Shaping the workforce of the future

Shaping a purpose-led culture Shaping a purpose-led culture

Shaping the employee experience Shaping the employee experience

Shaping workforce insights through data Shaping workforce insights through data

Case studies

In-depth case study: How to get more value from your technology investment

Discover how we helped a major retailer use cloud technology to transform their finance function.

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In-depth case study: Transform IT service management with confidence

Discover how to implement new ITSM technology faster, more efficiently and with less risk.

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Case study: Taking higher education to new heights

With more than 18,000 students, about 4,350 academic and professional services staff and around 4,500 casual workers, Durham University turn to KPMG to help them unlock efficiency and replace manual and spreadsheet-driven processes.

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Case study: Sparkling performance

This major drinks brand refreshed their approach to performance reporting to bring renewed gains to business performance and achieve cost savings running into the millions.

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Case study: Serving up what customers want

A new cloud-based ERP solution has revolutionised TGI Fridays’ finance systems and established a single, flexible platform for the future, helping them to serve their customers more efficiently.

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Contracting for Agile Development

William Ellis Head of Technology Sourcing Advisory
Samantha Skilling Head of Business Analysis
Kai Uhlemann Director, Collaborative Solutions at Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP)

Businesses know they need to become nimbler and more responsive to market signals, accelerating development and pivoting when required. In order to seize opportunities and disrupt their market IT leaders are turning to Agile. As a way of working it utilises incremental, iterative work sequences aimed at accelerating delivery and embracing changes in business requirements, but one of the major barriers to successful Agile working is a lack of industry consensus on how to successfully contract for Agile projects.

Listen to our webinar to explore alternative models for Agile contracting that better share risk between parties and focus on improving quality and collaboration.

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How can back office transformation create business and customer value?

Embedding long-term value creation into business operating models

Companies need to rethink their financial, business and operating models to thrive in tomorrow’s complex and dynamic business environment. In this paper, KPMG professionals share a practical framework which can support senior executives in unlocking additional value in their organisations and improve corporate performance.

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Making customer experience a key driver for HR

Leading companies are focused on increasing customer satisfaction, value and retention by taking a customer-centric approach, which includes all areas of an organisation, from operations to IT to human resources. Learn how HR can play a critical role in elevating the customer experience.

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Enabling agile business models, balancing risk and value

Rapidly changing business models demand increasingly agile responses, as resources shift to support strategic objectives. A new approach is required. Done well, zero basing can help you drive the most granular level of cost transparency, introduce new levels of cost conscious behaviour and aggressively reallocate both funds and capacity towards those areas where they can deliver the greatest value.

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Contracting for Agile: finding a better way

CEOs seeking to disrupt their sector rather than be disrupted, are turning to Agile development methods in order to accelerate development and rapidly adapt to changes in business requirements. One of the major barriers to successful adoption of Agile ways of working, is a lack of industry consensus on how to successfully contract for Agile.

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The state of intelligent automation

Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation, a new report by KPMG International and HFS Research, uses the data and insights captured to shine a light on the readiness of many modern organisations for the adoption of intelligent automation (IA) technologies and highlights the steps needed to help evaluate and scale in your business.

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Has your cloud investment delivered real business value?

This year's Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey revealed that 82% of UK organisations have migrated to the cloud, 51% of which were large-scale implementations. But now that mass-migration is underway, are businesses unlocking the benefits that cloud was deigned to unlock? Download our new report 'Has your cloud investment delivered real business value?' for practical guidance to maximising the ROI from your cloud investment.

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Revenue Acceleration for Digital Leaders

What is the secret of digital success? In this article, we look at what true digital leaders are doing differently to turn their strategies into value-creating reality. The feature looks in detail at three key priorities that organisations can embrace to drive a successful digital strategy.

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The rise of the humans

What is the true human impact of automation? Will it really liberate us from grinding routine to do work of greater meaning and value? In this series of investigations we look in depth at the implications of automation, with practical advice for running a workforce made of bots and bosses.

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Life is for learning. Learning is for life.

Together we can make personal development a driver for growth

A changing business needs changing skills. KPMG can help to build them. We’re working with organisations of every size to develop their peoples’ talents and skills so they’re ready for the changing future. Using digitally-led programmes and expert content we can turn learning into value, at speed. Find new strengths from within and make people your driver of success when you inspire life-long learning.

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Disruption need not be taxing

Together we can reimagine how you manage tax in your business

New ways of managing tax can unearth valuable business insights that help you better manage disruption across your organisation. We’ll help you embrace new technologies and working practices to transform, unlocking efficiencies within the tax function and taking changing business models and tax regulations in your stride.

Explore the Future of Tax

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People & Change

Jumpstart your HR transformation to deliver engaging, consistent and employee-centric services.

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IT Advisory

Create customer-centric IT services, tapping into the potential of the cloud, automation, predictive analytics and machine learning.

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Finance Transformation

Modernise your finance organisation, with the flexibility to adapt and grow without the need for heavy customisation.

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Risk Consulting

Embed effective risk management into the core of your culture and your decision-making.

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Procurement Transformation

Reach beyond cost efficiency to create a more agile operation, using cloud technology, automation, predictive analytics and cognitive learning.

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Global Business Services

Develop digitally-enabled, outcome-focussed and insight-driven global business services, delivering higher-value everywhere.

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Contracting for Agile Development

Listen to our webinar to explore alternative models for Agile contracting that better share risk between parties and focus on improving quality and collaboration.

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