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The real danger could be
your comfort zone


Together we can harness technology to shed new light on risk.

Intelligent automation and data analytics offer new and powerful ways to protect your business. We can help you exploit technology to uncover new threats, find efficiencies and create advantage through a new era of risk management. This is how risk can become opportunity.

Interview: Katie Clinton on why failing to embrace new technologies to improve risk management could be the biggest risk of all.

Fostering Trust in Artificial Intelligence

Businesses urgently need to rethink their approach to the numerous practical risks unique to artificial intelligence (AI) to build trust in the technology and establish adequate risk controls. This report proposes a risk and control framework specific to AI as a guide for internal audit professions to use when confronted with the increasing use of AI in organisations across a range of maturity levels.

80% of respondents were not confident about the governance in place around AI being used in their organisation

45% planned to perform an audit on their AI solutions by 2018*

70% admitted they weren’t clear what their audit approach would be when introducing AI in their organisation

*IT Internal Audit Conference Survey 2016

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Andrew Shefford
Head of IT Internal Audit, KPMG in the UK
Paul Holland
Head of AI and Advanced Analytics, KPMG in the UK
Sima Reichenbach
Senior Data Scientist, KPMG in the UK

How will digital transformation change the future of risk?

AI is turning IT risk and control upside down and inside out. It has the capacity to revolutionise the way internal audit and risk functions operate. Yet it needs to be treated with care to deliver optimal results. As well as plotting where leading organisations currently sit on the AI maturity curve, this session will also look to investigate how to harness the power of AI and control the risks it can present too.

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Re-code Risk: Riding the AI Wave

Sitting right at the heart of digital transformation, AI has extraordinary potential in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It also presents a dual challenge: how best to audit your use of AI – and how to use AI as an invaluable tool within your internal audit function.

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Modern Slavery

The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA) asks a lot of businesses, and KPMG can help clients address complex issues with sophisticated approaches to ensure compliance and talent retention, without damaging attraction.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not just a threat, it is also an opportunity. In an age when personal information is a key asset and a business driver, getting your privacy strategy right can give you a competitive edge.

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Tim Howarth

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Katie Clinton

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Katie has over 15 years’ experience providing assurance services to clients. Katie is also an active supporter of KPMG's Network of Women and leads on a number of Women in Business initiatives across the UK.

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