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Find new ways to embrace risk

New vulnerabilities can form in the gaps between teams, processes and technologies. We’ll help you find innovative new approaches to managing risk, unlocking new efficiencies, creating agility for the future and better protecting today.

See how a fresh approach to risk can improve collaboration and provide new foundations for innovation.

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Consumer Loss Barometer

The Consumer Loss Barometer explores the relationship between consumer concerns about digital security and the pace of technology innovation. Organisations are rushing to meet consumer demand for excellent user experiences, but to retain the trust of customers they must make security a core priority.


Do security professionals really know what consumers want?

Following a breach, consumers want to see proof the vulnerability has been fixed
Providing proof the breach was fixed to consumers was not security profesionals top priority

Case studies

In-depth case study: Want to cut the cost of high-volume transaction screening?

How artificial intelligence is helping one bank handle millions of critical alerts every month.

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Case study: A new view on risk

This Energy company incorporated data analytics into the delivery model for internal audits to identify and quantify risks more accurately and efficiently.

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Managing financial crime in an innovative way

Tough rules to prevent financial crime mean banks need to take customer due diligence seriously. Failing to meet ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) regulations can have grave consequences – even the withdrawal of a bank’s licence to operate.

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Exploring sanctions beyond Brexit

Karen Briggs Head of Forensic and Financial Crime, KPMG in the UK
Neal Dawson Head of AML and Sanctions
Maya Lester Founder
Arjun Ahluwalia Head of Sanctions Advisory, HSBC UK

Listen to our webinar where we discuss and explore challenges surrounding sanctions compliance post-Brexit. We will be exploring sanctions policy, its wider implications on the private sector and what role sanctions technology may have in the future.

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What are the factors defining the new risk landscape?

Consumer expectations and how customers use technology

Few people debate the importance of deep customer insight and empathy, and the need to get closer to the customer. But how many can truly claim to have done so in the face of constant, seismic change? This report explores the world of today’s multi-dimensional customers and what drives the choices they make.

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The risks and opportunities around AI and automation

Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation, a new report by KPMG International and HFS Research, uses the data and insights captured to shine a light on the readiness of many modern organisations for the adoption of intelligent automation (IA) technologies and highlights the steps needed to help evaluate and scale in your business.

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Supplier Relationship Management: its impact on precious supplier relationships

Supplier interactions today are often tactical and lack real insight or platform integration. The future of procurement is dependent on creating a new operating model to support supplier centricity; one which drives performance and relationships to a new level while fostering innovation and mitigating risk. Download the report for a deeper understanding of how relationship strategies could move your procurement goals forward.

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Oracle and KPMG Cloud Risk Threat Report

The Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2019 examines emerging cyber security challenges and risks that businesses are facing as they embrace cloud services at an accelerating pace. The report provides leaders around the globe and across industries with important insights and recommendations for how they can ensure that cyber security is a critical business enabler.

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Fostering Trust in AI

More complexity. Higher risks. These are the key concerns for organisations deploying AI and robotic process automation. This report explores the issues around the rise of these technologies and sets out the principles that will shape a new framework of risk and control.

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Trends driving cyber security in 2019

David Ferbrache, chief technology officer in KPMG’s cyber security practice, highlights ten cyber security trends we can expect to see in 2019, from the growth of cyber warfare and ‘fake news’, to the mining of cryptocurrencies and the first fines to arise from GDPR.

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Exploring sanctions beyond Brexit

Listen to our webinar where we discuss and explore challenges surrounding sanctions compliance post-Brexit. We will be exploring sanctions policy, its wider implications on the private sector and what role sanctions technology may have in the future.

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