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Following the rules can set you free

Regulatory transformation

Together we can transform regulatory compliance into competitive advantage.

When you embrace what regulations set out to achieve and the possibilities of digital transformation – you can re-share your enterprise to deliver rigorous compliance alongside increased efficiency and agility. We can help you find new approaches from joined-up thinking; we you are doing well by doing the right thing.

Interview: Matt Malone on why the business and risk department need to work together to learn about emergent risks.

Regulation 2030: What lies ahead?

Financial regulation has changed significantly in the ten years since the global financial crisis. Tougher, more detailed and more complex standards now apply to all aspects of regulation.

KPMG’s new paper examines how financial regulation might develop over the next ten years, focussing on four key questions:

Will regulation push on, or be pushed back?

What will be the regulatory response to Fintech?

Will regulation be used increasingly to deliver social objectives?

What questions does this raise for society to address?

Transformation story

Managing financial crime in an innovative way

Tough rules to prevent financial crime mean banks need to take customer due diligence seriously. Failing to meet ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) regulations can have grave consequences – even the withdrawal of a bank’s licence to operate.

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Matt Malone
Head of Risk and Regulatory Transformation

Business conduct and integrity: Why doing the right thing can be hard work

As media scrutiny rises and stocks are shorted to capitalise on weak trading, an increased focus on organisations doing the right thing for all of their stakeholders has moved from something that is ‘nice to do’ and into the realms of necessity. Why is ethical business conduct so important; and why now?

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360° view: a radically different approach to financial crime

Crime is on the rise within financial services. Do organisations require a holistic and radically different approach to the risk of financial crime? What steps can organisations take to successfully implement a new approach?

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Reasons to be cheerful about regulatory transformation

At their heart, regulations are about protecting customers and protecting markets. But they can also be used to drive market disruption and to capture competitive advantage.

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