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Make regulation a catalyst for innovation

Turn regulatory-driven change into insight that unlocks better outcomes and lasting competitive advantage. Regulation can become a catalyst for innovation, shining light on hidden or siloed capabilities and core strengths that can drive growth.

See how our fresh perspectives on regulation can help deliver better outcomes for stakeholders and service users.

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Regulation 2030: What lies ahead?

Financial regulation has changed significantly in the ten years since the global financial crisis. Tougher, more detailed and more complex standards now apply to all aspects of regulation.

KPMG’s paper examines how financial regulation might develop over the next ten years, focussing on four key questions:

Will regulation push on, or be pushed back?

What will be the regulatory response to Fintech?

Will regulation be used increasingly to deliver social objectives?

What questions does this raise for society to address?

Case study

Managing financial crime in an innovative way

Tough rules to prevent financial crime mean banks need to take customer due diligence seriously. Failing to meet ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) regulations can have grave consequences – even the withdrawal of a bank’s licence to operate.

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The Modern Slavery Act – Are you compliant?

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Nicola Cobb KPMG’s Risk Consulting practice
Alisa Voznaya KPMG’s Risk Consulting practice

In this webinar, KPMG’s modern slavery experts explore how organisations can ensure they are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act. They look at the competitive advantages to be gained from compliance, while considering examples of good and bad practice.

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Where can regulation help you find innovation and growth?

Protecting and enhancing your brand with renewed consumer focus

Getting consumers to notice your brand amid all the noise in the market is a continually evolving challenge. In this publication, we discuss the biggest trends impacting global consumer and retail businesses, highlighting how retailers are taking up the challenge and staying competitive.

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Unlocking industry 4.0 to secure lasting competitive advantage

The fourth industrial revolution has the remarkable potential to catapult businesses into the next generation. KPMG's latest report examines what some firms are doing right and what many others must do better.

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Achieving balance between risk and reward

Advanced risk and compliance capabilities are likely to be critical to performance in highly pressured environments such as Pharmaceuticals. Shifting from fragmented risk management and heavy compliance barriers to a more joined-up, agile approach calls for a willingness to innovate and adopt a principles-based approach to risk decisions throughout businesses.

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Navigating change: IFRS 17 and 9

How far have you got with your IFRS 17 and 9 implementation? This report presents a benchmark for insurers to measure progress towards compliance. Most are targeting readiness on or before 2021, but 80% are concerned about available skills. More than half are worried about securing the necessary budget.

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AI and ethics: who cares?

In Sweden, thousands of employees have happily taken the opportunity to be microchipped. Is that ok? Like most apparently simple questions, it is an issue fraught with complexity. And as this article shows, it is a question that is rising rapidly up the agenda for internal audit teams.

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The ethics of customer data

As regulations tighten around customer data, the opportunities to exploit data for the benefit of customers and organisations are increasing. Automation and analytics need continuous flows of high quality data if they are to deliver the value they promise. This white paper explores the issues in depth.

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Embed effective risk management into the core of your culture and your decision-making.

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In these times, risk management can be a trusted advisor, pointing to new opportunities for growth and competitive advantage.

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Understand the real IT risk landscape and gain the insight that allows technology to deliver maximum value.

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The Modern Slavery Act - are you compliant?

Download our webinar and hear from our experts on how organisation can ensure they are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act. With increased scrutiny from investors, customer and governments, it’s vital that your company is operating with transparency and integrity.

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