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When you broaden your horizons, you raise your game

Performance improvement

Together we can optimise operations across your organisation.

Performance gains used to come from focusing in on processes to make targeted improvements. Now new technologies help you to join the dots, rethink the business and release new levels of performance and productivity. Digital disruption changes the game, we can help you get an advantage.

Interview: Dale Williams on how operations leaders can win backing at the top of the business for technology-driven performance improvements.

Industry 4.0: Lessons for C-suite leaders

The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) has the remarkable potential to catapult manufacturing into the next generation. But true progress remains limited thanks to familiar roadblocks – from lack of leadership and strategic direction, to fear of disruption, uncertainty over ROI, and more.

This latest report examines what some firms are doing right and what many others must do better. Our key takeaways will resonate with every business leader who does not want to risk being left behind:

Build holistic strategy from the corner office, not the plant floor

Redesign your organisation from functional silos to value networks

Create a dynamic culture embracing the enterprise value of new digital technologies

Rethink your current KPIs – it’s time to redefine how to measure success

Transformation stories

In-depth case study: Improve performance by making smarter decisions

Discover how data and analytics can help to optimise your business performance.

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Case study: Building for the future

Rethinking structures and processes has helped one leading UK housebuilder cut almost one-third from the time it takes to get new projects off the ground.

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Case study: The power of change

Rethinking planning and operational practices, plus performance management and reporting helped a leading utilities services provider make cost savings of almost 20%.

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Dale Williams
Head of Insight Performance Improvement
Alex Montgomery
Application Innovation Lead, Microsoft

Smooth Operator: How technology is transforming performance improvement

It’s not about vast pools of data, as nobody has it all - yet. It’s about how you use parts of it, where you have it, and by using new techniques where you don’t, to gain the insights you need, to develop a competitive advantage. Join our webinar to learn how businesses are using technologies like AI and robotics to get ahead in the market.

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Get a deeper understanding

Beyond the hype

The fourth industrial revolution is happening right now and it is bringing unprecedented advances in technology. Whether it's the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or Augmented Decision Support, it’s clear that these next generation technologies hold the potential to be truly transformative for businesses and their operations. In this report, we explore how leaders are developing and applying their capabilities to drive long term value.

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Advantage Digital: How AI is transforming performance in operations

Still unsure about what AI has to offer in operations? Paul Clarke, Chief Technical Officer at Ocado, and Alex (Monty) Montgomery, talk about Microsoft’s work with Rolls-Royce, explain how businesses are using technologies like AI and robotics to transform operations and open up big new commercial opportunities.

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Tinker or transform? You’ll need both to harness AI

There are two approaches to deploy AI to gain the advantage over competitors. But you'll have to adopt both methods alongside one another to sow the seeds of success for the future.

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Lorraine Mackin

Lorraine Mackin

Head of Insight Performance Improvement

Lorraine specialises in helping organisations transform their performance and their supply chains. After starting his career as an engineer and holding a number of senior roles in industry, Dale has been consulting in the Operations space for 20 years. One of the pioneers of Lean thinking, he co-founded the first lean thinking consulting practice in Europe in the late 90s.

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Andrew Underwood

Andrew Underwood

Head of UK Supply Chain Management

Andrew has spent the last five years specialising in Tax Efficient Supply Chain Management (TESCM), where he led the Vodafone and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) TESCM design and implementation programmes.

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