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Turn big-picture thinking into high performance

Unlock the insights that drives high performance. We’ll help you harness data, innovative technologies and design new ways of working, from your supply chain to HR, finance and beyond. Together, we’ll home in on the change that unlocks competitive advantage.

See how analytics, new technologies and fresh thinking on working practices can deliver big cost savings and improve customer satisfaction.

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The road to everywhere: The future of supply chain

In the future, supply chains won’t be driven by products and processes, but by customer needs.

Successful businesses of the future will adopt a technology-enabled, data-powered, insight-driven approach, and invest in recruiting top talent. If yesterday’s supply chains were rigid and reactive, tomorrow’s supply chains will be nimble and predictive.

Jump start your supply chain transformation journey.


Where should you start?

1 Put the customer first

2 Utilise platforms correctly

3 Win the war for talent

4 Invest in future-ready capabilities

5 Leverage cross-functional data

6 Exploit micro supply chains

Case studies

In-depth case study: Improve performance by making smarter decisions

Discover how data and analytics can help to optimise your business performance.

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Case study: Building for the future

Rethinking structures and processes has helped one leading UK housebuilder cut almost one-third from the time it takes to get new projects off the ground.

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Case study: The power of change

Rethinking planning and operational practices, plus performance management and reporting helped a leading utilities services provider make cost savings of almost 20%.

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Industry 4.0 - Making digital deliver

Phil Harris Head of Industry 4.0, KPMG in the UK

How can organisations invest in operational efficiency, cutting costs whilst scaling for growth? Download our webinar to hear how manufacturing organisations are leveraging new technologies and accessing customers in innovative ways in order to gain a competitive edge.

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Make the connections

Where do you see the biggest opportunity for performance improvement?

Understanding consumer expectations and consumption habits

Getting consumers to notice your brand amid all the noise in the market is a continually evolving challenge. In this publication, we discuss the biggest trends impacting global consumer and retail businesses, highlighting how retailers are taking up the challenge and staying competitive.

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Bringing AI and automation into the workforce

What is the true human impact of automation? Will it really liberate us from grinding routine to do work of greater meaning and value? In this series of investigations we look in depth at the implications of automation, with practical advice for running a workforce made of bots and bosses.

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Enabling agile business models, balancing risk and value

Rapidly changing business models demand increasingly agile responses, as resources shift to support strategic objectives. A new approach is required. Done well, zero basing can help you drive the most granular level of cost transparency, introduce new levels of cost conscious behaviour and aggressively reallocate both funds and capacity towards those areas where they can deliver the greatest value.

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Get a deeper understanding

Supply chains for a digital world

Our practical guide to achieving long and short term goals when designing supply chains for a digital future.

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The Future of Procurement

Like the businesses they support, procurement functions are facing unprecedented disruption.

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Transforming the mobility landscape

Mobility is undergoing one of the most transformational social, technological and economic shifts of a generation. The winners are likely to be those that can truly understand the impact and timing of disruption, adapting their business and operating models to securing the right partnerships and acquisition targets.

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Customer-centric procurement

As procurement leaders grapple with employee expectations, they’re restrained by two overriding objectives: to reduce cost and mitigate risk.

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Optimising the supply chain

Three experts discuss the opportunities and challenges around digitally-driven supply chain optimisation. In a far-reaching examination, they explore questions ranging from the latest solutions to the competitive benefits to be gained.

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Industry 4.0: a reality check

True progress with Industry 4.0 is meeting some familiar roadblocks, including fear of disruption and concerns around ROI. In this report, we examine what some firms are doing right and what others must do better to manage the most complex business challenge to emerge in generations.

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Operational Transformation

Develop efficient and effective operations to support strategic business objectives and financial goals.

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Digital Supply Chain

Navigate the challenges of servicing multiple channels and expanding product portfolios, while exploiting technology to gain competitive advantage.

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Procurement Transformation

Create a more agile procurement operation, using cloud technology, automation, predictive analytics and cognitive learning.

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Commercial and Operations

Identify, quantify, prioritise and deliver the changes required to align your operating model with your financial targets and strategic objectives.

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Download our webinar to learn practical steps to help your business prioritise efforts and best exploit the full performance benefits from Industry 4.0 technology, across the whole organisation.

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