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Put customer expectations at the heart of your business

Getting close to customers means uniting your organisation around delivering to their expectations. With the right insight, innovative technology and new ways of working, we’ll help you create personalised experiences at every touchpoint, building customer trust that drives value and growth.

Power to the People: 2019 UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis

The world of customer experience management continues to be in a state of flux. As consumer expectations rise, organisations are continually looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their peers – a task that can no longer be achieved with competitive price points.

In the latest Customer Experience Excellence Analysis, we’re seeing remarkable stories of brands that are not only becoming better acquainted with customers, but are delighting and surprising with zealous innovation. The ability to make the right connections and walk in-step with people’s lifestyles, needs and desires has real currency in the unpredictable world of 2019.

Few people debate the importance of deep customer insight and empathy, and the need to get closer to the customer. But how many can truly claim to have done so in the face of constant, seismic change? This report explores the world of today’s multi-dimensional customers and what drives the choices they make.


This year’s report explores five key themes:

Driving growth: the trust imperative Trust is the basis of all positive human relationships and is the foundation stone for employee engagement. If employees do not trust the organisation, how can customers?

Employee experience economics There is a strong economic link between EX and CX, firms who master both can achieve higher growth.

The problem-solving organisation The key source for understanding, and finding solutions for customer problems, is employees. Millions are wasted on complex analysis and consulting, when often the simple solutions sit with front-line colleagues.

Employee journey management Transformation success requires alignment between the employee lifecycle and employee journeys and the customer lifecycle and customer journeys.

The connected enterprise A new working covenant is required between the HRD, CMO and CXD whereby each is clear on how they make their contribution to customer experience.

Case studies

Case study: Reaching out with digital

Digital technologies are transforming banking. New digital strategies are needed to ensure growth and ensure banks continue to appeal to a new set of customers.

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Case study: Going for growth

Sophisticated data analysis is helping one of the world’s leading IT companies target marketing spend for maximum impact.

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Case study: Blazing a trail in customer experience

In 2010, Nationwide set out on a pioneering journey to transform customer experience. Today, the organisation sets the bar on customer experience across sectors, not just in banking.

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Power to the People: Fuelling Customer Obsession

Thursday 4 July 2019
13:00 - 14:00

If you missed our webinar, access the download link below for the full recording. Discover how your peers ranked and what you can learn from them, and hear from our industry experts on what practical steps you can take to help your organisation lead a customer revolution.

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If you missed our webinar, access the download link below for the full recording. Discover how your peers ranked and what you can learn from them, and hear from our industry experts on what practical steps you can take to help your organisation lead a customer revolution.

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