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Business optimisation in banking: fitter, faster, focused

Business optimisation in banking

KPMG helps banks re-think the size and scale of their footprint, become more agile and focus their resources on value-adding activities.

Business model transformation in banking

The financial crisis created a gulf between the expectations of bank investors and end-of-year returns. It has also made it more difficult for global banks to respond quickly and effectively to the new, rapidly-shifting landscape. 

Recent market and regulatory changes have broken the link between size and success that banks have traditionally relied upon – we explore this in more detail in these two articles Banks: Aiming For Agility Not Scale & Has banking become too big to respond? In our view, speed to response, not size of operations will be the key to achieving sustainable and consistent results in the post-financial-crisis world. 

At KPMG, we work closely with our clients to plan – and then implement – a new, more efficient business model that can help them unlock tangible and intangible benefits. We do that by reducing costs, deploying resources with flexibility to higher value-added activities, realising tax benefits, and ensuring that the company’s structure is fully aligned with its business strategy. 

Our advisory team combines strategy, technology and management consulting expertise in a number of areas:

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For insights on how banks can drive agility for business model change, please view our on-demand webcast exploring the importance of agility in banking. 

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