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GDPR: Are you prepared for new data protection rules?

Are you prepared for the new GDPR?

KPMG can help your business protect personal data. We can help individuals to learn about the new rules which will impact their everyday lives using three, fun and interactive micro-learning modules.


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GDPR will come into force in May 2018 and businesses have been preparing for its introduction by reviewing their data processing procedures and training their staff. In a typical approach to regulatory training, the new rules are highlighted and the learner is then tested to check whether they remember what has been learnt.


KPMG’s approach is different; we put GDPR into context for consumers and employees. Our approach shows our audiences how GDPR controls the way data is collected, used and shared. It also highlights to businesses how they are accountable for the way in which they use data and the penalties for breaching the regulations. To do this, we have created three five-minute learning modules which have one overall learning objective. KPMG’s learning modules promote a real understanding of data generation and usage, threats to data privacy and the vital role individual staff members play in data processing and protecting personal and sensitive data. For more information about the modules please contact Mark Thompson. 


How KPMG is different

KPMG’s GDPR learning is an innovative way to deliver regulatory training. The modules use a conversational style which consists of three parts:


  • Module one which is called 'The Growth of Data', looks at the growth of technology and data generation and asks learners to identify how and where data is created during a typical day in the life of a consumer. It also provides an overview which introduces why the new GDPR was needed and its fundamentals from the perspective of the individual.
  • The second module is called 'Data Misuse' and is about an individual, whom we are introduced to in module one, whose data is misused. It demonstrates to the user the emotional consequences of not protecting data, through a villain who obtained the individuals’ health data because of the actions of a careless employee. We have focussed on health data to provide a different perspective to the learner, rather than the more well- known financial crime.


  • Module three introduces Captain GDPR to put safeguards in place for the misused data and introduces the GDPR regulations. The learner explores how the regulation protects the consumer’s data as well as the penalties for those who missed it. This module is called 'Preventing Data Misuse'. 


  • There is also a suite of role-based modules available.  After taking the overview modules, learners then move onto these role-specific modules which provide details of how to apply GDPR in real-life scenarios applicable to their specific job role. These range from consumer facing employees to security staff. This makes it relevant and enables positive behavioural change across the workforce.


KPMG understands that many businesses are often time-poor and want their learning to be relevant, fun and have an impact. Micro-learning gives them the ability to gather information in ‘bite-sized’ forms, which can help to absorb information more effectively. It is an ideal solution for those who may not have the time to devote to a lengthy course, given that you can learn at your own pace and avoid the risk of becoming overwhelmed by too much data. It can be done on-the-go and also minimises disruption to the business.


Please contact Mark Thompson, KPMG in the UK's Global Privacy Lead for more information about the training, and to hear about how we can help your business. 

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