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Rise of the Chief HR Officer

The rise of the Chief HR Officer

What makes a CHRO successful – now and in the future?


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There has never been a better time to be a Chief HR Officer (CHRO). Gone are the days when HR had to fight for its place at the top table – at least in the FTSE 100 or equivalent. Yet, despite the key role a CHRO plays in shaping a response to challenges such as Brexit, an increasingly complex regulatory and governance landscape and the prospect of increased workforce automation and AI, there is a lack of research on the skills and experience of those who lead the people function in successful organisations.

In 2017, KPMG decided to fill that gap. We took a snapshot of the CHROs in the FTSE 100 in 2011, and again in September 2016, to compare how the composition of people had changed. This year, in 2018, we thought it would be informative to repeat this analysis one year on.

We will also look to repeat the study next year and re-interview a sample of CHROs to hear how their role is changing. With the pace of automation and AI accelerating, political and social landscape shifting, ever more regulation, and the nature of work itself under the microscope, we expect some interesting answers.

Download the 2017 report and the 2018 update: 

The rise of the CHRO 2017

The rise of the CHRO - 2018 update

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