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2018 Global Automotive Executive Survey

2018 Global Automotive Executive Survey

Annual survey of the current and future state of the global automotive industry.


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The 2018 Global Automotive Executive Survey marks the 19th year that KPMG has interviewed executives and consumers to determine the direction of the automotive industry, with over 900 automotive and technology executives and around 2,100 consumers worldwide surveyed.

It outlines the current perceptions and long term trends along the whole automotive value chain including vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers, dealers, financial services providers, mobility service providers and for the first time also, information and communication technology companies.

Key findings:

  • This year’s survey revealed that 75% of UK automotive executives expect that almost half of car dealerships will disappear in just over a decade.
  • The report also found that 63% of UK automotive executives believe that the share of vehicles manufactured in Western Europe will drop significantly, to less than 5%.
  • Meanwhile, three out of four consumers highlighted data and cyber security as a prerequisite for their purchasing decision, suggesting that the companies who fail to provide it will suffer severe consequences. But will people trust carmakers to be their data guardians more than the current digital players?

For further details, visit the interactive platform for KPMG’s Global Automotive Executive Survey at kpmg.com/GAES2018 and compare statistics by country, region, questions asked and more.

For a summary of the global results, download the PDF here.

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