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Smart Infrastructure: Mapping underground utilities

Mapping underground utilities

Our urban infrastructure consists of hidden, unmapped pipework and cabling – causing great inefficiencies, but could 3D maps of our buried utilities help improve this?


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Smart Infrastructure: Mapping underground utilities explores how our current urban infrastructure consists of hidden, unmapped conduits, pipework and cabling which results in inefficiencies risks and costs.

However, a 3D picture of our buried utilities could produce benefits for providers, customers and general public alike.

Key highlights include:

  • How utility and infrastructure organisations currently do not have an accurate picture of their distribution networks, resulting in huge inefficiencies, disruption and risk 
  • How infrastructure providers could create a real-time 3D picture of underground utilities by using advanced sensors and robotics
  • How barriers will need to be overcome to succeed including the buy in of key stakeholders
  • How, if barriers are overcome, a shared 3D Map – hosted on a secure online platform – would provide the basis for a wholesale preventive maintenance system

Download our report that explores if smart infrastructure technologies can improve utility records.

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