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Retail tops UK Customer Experience Survey 2017

Customer experience excellence in retail

An analysis of the top 100 UK companies for customer experience


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Never before have brands been under such pressure to perform. Across UK PLCs, customer experience has stalled. Firms are failing to make the necessary internal connections that ensure the delivery of a consistent experience across all touch-points. For many, customer experience has yet to evolve into a coherent management or transformation discipline. It is currently a team or project for most companies, rather than a mature business capability.

There is, however, evidence to be optimistic about the future for customer experience in retail. There are organisations who are making real progress, who are transforming their businesses, and in the process are placing greater emphasis on the experience they deliver to their customers.

Our 2017 analysis of UK Customer Experience revealed that grocery retail remains the strongest performing sector, with non-grocery retail coming in at second place.

The intense nature of competition in retail, allied to low barriers to entry and exit for the consumer, means that both the grocery and non-grocery retail sectors continue to lead the way in our rankings. The retail environment is rapidly changing and the sector has been one of the first to make use of technology to streamline buying and selling; and it is often the case that experience innovation within the industry is instrumental in raising customer expectations elsewhere.

Retailers that are performing well in CX are demonstrating four critical capabilities; excellence at all levels of the organisation, engaging their people, strict management of execution, and understanding the economics that underpin customer experience.

Key Highlights

  • Grocery retail remains the strongest performing sector for customer experience in 2017. Non-grocery retail is in second place.
  • QVC UK ranked the highest for customer experience. 
  • John Lewis, Lush, Ocado, M&S and Amazon are the other retailers that fall into the top ten of the total top 100 ranked companies.

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