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Omni-platform models enable retailers to get ahead

Next generation retail: rise of the ‘omni-platform’

Omni-platforms are essential if retailers want to remain relevant and profitable. But how?


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Next generation retail is arriving fast. A multitude of different platforms have emerged and are increasing in power and influence. Each are vying for a piece of the market by allowing networks of consumers to interact with each other, engage with brands, and then buy products or services – a paradigm shift that provides consumers with ultimate convenience, and drives more sales.

As the competition between retailers intensifies, the brands which are yet to master omni-platform strategies risk trailing far behind. To survive and thrive in retail, businesses must act now.

There are four main types of platform identified in our latest report; product marketplace, social networking and communication, service marketplace, and payments. Retailers and brands need to take a proactive and structured approach to determine which of these platforms will help them achieve greater relevance, increased profit, and how.

Highlights from our report, Next generation retail: the rise of the omni-platform, include:

  • The five key opportunities that platforms can provide your business
  • Major platform risks to consider before leaping ahead
  • A three-phased approach to omni-platform implementation: why, what and how?

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