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Backing business growth study

Backing business growth study

Exploring the role of tax for growth



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Welcome to KPMG’s first backing business growth study, exploring the role of tax for growth. 

As a determined supporter of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, part of our mission is to source and share the kind of intelligence and insight that can enable leadership teams to make investment decisions with confidence. We know that SMEs can often feel overlooked in the general debate around tax. That is why we have commissioned this survey, which aims to uncover the attitudes of the wider business community – beyond large corporates – towards the UK tax system and give them the voice they deserve. Some of the key finding include: 

  • 78% of respondents agreed that the management of tax affairs is an opportunity to support a business’ growth
  • 48% identified job creation as the greatest opportunity provided by tax policy
  • 71% agree that the tax system is designed to help SMEs succeed and contribute to economic growth
  • And while 72% of firms believe large multinational corporations have too much influence on UK tax policy, 59% felt that the voice of the SME community had been adequately heard.

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