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The TISA & KPMG Savings Index

The TISA & KPMG Savings Index

The Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA) & KPMG have created the Savings Index which measures how our stock of savings is building over time. The Index answers the critical questions about the level and mix of savings in households across Great Britain.


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The TISA and KPMG Savings Index - photo of a jar of money next to a wooden block shaped like a house

The UK's looming savings gap is of growing political, economic and commercial importance. KPMG has long been an active contributor to this debate and has formed a strategic alliance with the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA). Through this alliance we have created the TISA & KPMG Savings Index. 

The Savings Index is different from the well-known Savings Ratio, which measures how much of our current income we are saving up, as it measures how our stock of savings is building up over time. The Index, both ground breaking and important, is the brain child of TISA, made possible by a multi-functional KPMG team, including pensions, economics, modelling and strategy.

The Savings Index will be updated bi-annually using the latest market data on asset prices and savings flows, underpinned by comprehensive ONS data on household and covers all forms of cash, financial assets, pensions, home ownership and household equity. The Index is accessed by a front-end dashboard that allows the user to interrogate the underlying database and identify the up-to-date savings profile of a user-defined household segment, defined by age, region and (in due course) income. The November 2017 release of the Dashboard reflects the July 2017 position. The May 2018 release will reflect the January 2018 position.


What are the benefits? 

The findings from the Index are relevant to a broad range of retail financial services providers, advisors and policy makers, informing product, distribution and marketing decisions in particular.

The headline figures of the Index will be publically available but the Index and underlying database is available only on a licence basis. Licence holders will be able to access, search and interrogate the underlying database, generating valuable insights with a number of applications.

The TISA & KPMG Savings Index PDF explains more about the Savings Index, including some of the questions it seeks to inform.

To better understand the make-up of savings for different customer segments or if you would like to enquire about a Saving Index license, or for alternative ways to structure your benefits package, please contact us.


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