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Personal development programme for athletes

Personal development programme for athletes

An athletes career can be extremely rewarding but unfortunately for most, this can be short lived or have an everlasting impact on them and their loved ones. In response to this KPMG have designed a unique Global Personal Development Programme for athletes, coaches and parents to assist with their pathway before, during and after their sporting career.


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A sporting career can be an extremely rewarding one but ultimately for many, it’s too short. Thus the way in which athletes develop and manage themselves during their career as well as prepare for life beyond sport is critical.

In response to this, KPMG is working collaboratively with sporting bodies to support and educate their athletes via bespoke lifestyle workshops and programmes. The programmes are designed to enhance participant’s life skills, personal awareness and provide important tools for them to use to help them shape their futures. These programmes range from personal development (for example, mind-set and resilience) to understanding finance and the required skills to succeed in business, at all levels. The programme also offers business advice on a monthly basis to all participants that assists with anything from creating a business to cash flow management.


Through mind-set management, the programme can assist with clarity of thought under pressure, sports performance and help to generate a clearer pathway for “what’s next” at a time of uncertainty. Regardless of location , the personal development programme (PDP) for athletes is designed to support.

Our delivery is truly unique and via a bespoke online portal, each member receives their own specific learning pathway at a level specific to their journey. While bespoke to each user, the programme also offers a communication page where the users can share learning experiences, documents and upload videos of best practice or business ideas with one another or directly to KPMG.

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