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Why we built KPMG DealTech

Why we built KPMG DealTech

We need to change the deal-making game.



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Why we built KPMG DealTech - overcoming barriers

Deal-making is not a level playing field

Everybody knows that missed opportunities can cause the average deal cycle to be less profitable. That’s why deal makers are racing to uncover the deeper insight that will show them exactly when to push forward and when to apply the brakes, capturing value before it leaks. Relying on powerful but commonplace analytics tools is no longer enough to give you the decisive advantage. So what stands between you and an increase in value? How can you raise your game?

Two barriers to excellence

1. Brilliant isolation in technology

Even the most powerful tools lose their edge when they are applied in isolation. The greatest gains from advanced data and analytics come from the connections you can make between disparate sources. It’s not just about getting to conventional information quicker. It’s the possibility of holistic insights that tell you something beyond the constituent parts. It’s about getting the full picture as well as the big one. It’s about using what you know with certainty now to predict, with confidence, what will happen next.

2. Linear thinking processes

The conventional linear deal cycle wastes opportunities for parallel thinking and accelerated insights. Too much time is spent collecting, interpreting and reporting – and not enough on the analysis that shapes decisions and puts you ahead. The professional workload is focused most heavily on mechanical execution, when expertise and judgement deliver bigger value in the run-up to a deal and the focus on post-deal performance.

This means the systems don’t talk to each other, learn from each other or deliver the quality of insight that you know ought to be possible. The human beings are busy doing the wrong things at the wrong time, reacting and responding, rather than directing and driving. To help break this cycle of unfulfilled potential, KPMG DealTech was born.

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