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Responsible investment – what? why? how?

Responsible investment – what? why? how?

An introduction to responsible investing and an outline of the options available to aid investors in making informed decisions on how to incorporate responsible investing into their investment strategy.

Patrick Race

Partner, Investment Advisory

KPMG in the UK


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Responsible investment – what? why? how? - water can with money plant

Increasingly over recent years, companies have broadened their decision making considerations across a range of stakeholders, rather than focusing solely on shareholders’ immediate interests. These stakeholders have included local communities, various special interest groups, and the planet in general.

Investors are also becoming more thoughtful in how they choose to invest their assets, with an eye on long-term business success and sustainable profits. Specifically, taking into account not only the risk of financial loss associated with investing, but also the wider risks associated with the impact of their investments on society. This can be described as Responsible Investment or more broadly, Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) driven investment.

The objective of this paper is to formulate a better understanding of Responsible Investment by considering how investors can incorporate it into their investment strategy to varying degrees.

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