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Managed Services - Our Journey

Managed Services - Our Journey

A look at the history of KPMG Managed Services.

Mike Eaton

Partner, Managed Services

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Managed Services began in 2011 when PPI exploded on to the scene. Working with compliance to resolve PPI challenges we were asked if we could build a managed service for banking clients to conduct ongoing remediations.

Working with our technology colleagues we developed our first beta client, setting up a small operation in Leeds and using BPM technology. The success of this led to us delivering a PPI solution for major retail bank for 485,000 customers in April 2012.

Leveraging what we had built in 2012 we began work on a know your customer (KYC) remediation of 24,000 investment banking clients for a major UK bank. At this time the firm moved to set up a dedicated Managed Services location. In 2015 we secured two more KYC engagements one of which is has been renewed for a third successive year.

At the start of 2016 Managed Services won two landmark engagements - a 300+ FTE operation for the remediation of mis-sold investment products for 17,000 customer cases and a service centre for Civil Service Learning handling queries, back office support and event management.

In 2017 we had multiple wins, including the launch of a PPI complaints centre for an insurer of retail store cards. Working alongside our restructuring team, Managed Services have also set up the operationa to remediate a large retailer's share compensation scheme. We are also helping a large bank conduct a client outreach programme ahead of the January 2018 implementation of MiFID II legislation.

Our dedicated and growing delivery team have a wealth of experience in turning a client’s challenge into a successful managed service.

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