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KPMG DealTech: Putting you in control

KPMG DealTech: Putting you in control

KPMG DealTech can help to take your deal out of the slow lane and give you control



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Gaining the decisive advantage and outpacing the competition isn’t just about the tools at your disposal. It’s about how you use them to give you the edge. The power and speed of digital technology is outstripping the market’s ability to exploit it. Everybody has access to information systems and analytics tools of phenomenal speed and astounding processing power. And yet there is still a sense that decisions are taken in a fog of uncertainty and that deals are done in the slow lane. So how do you take control?

Nobody can tell the future, but you can stack the odds in your favour with KPMG DealTech. This is where our most advanced deal-making technology meets strong market experience, designed to deliver the right insight and make the right connections at speed. This is how you can move more swiftly and decisively to secure value at every opportunity. More than the technology, more than the people and more than the market, KPMG DealTech is one integrated platform to give you control.

Tools & technology: Giving you the edge

KPMG DealTech is where data becomes insight and the past unlocks the future. Clean, reliable and secure data analysis lays the foundations for new comparisons, deeper insights and smarter predictions. You can gain the edge with:

- Data enhancement & analytics

- Market intelligence & benchmarking

- Interactive reporting & visualisation

- Integrated collaboration & sales platform

Service excellence: User-centric, intuitive and organic

Whatever your target, whoever you are competing against, KPMG DealTech is designed to meet your specific needs and deliver you efficiency, value and security – before, during and after deal execution.

As it stands, the platform provides unprecedented levels of insight and transactional efficiency. But this is a rolling, self-evolving capability that becomes more sophisticated and capable with every deal. Created for deal-makers, by deal-makers, KPMG DealTech is user-centric, intuitive and organic:

- Proven digital processes

- Wide ranging reporting

- Stable, secure operations

- Secure process

Subject matter expertise: With you all the way to value

With KPMG DealTech, analytical edge is only the beginning. We provide the human judgement, specialist deal-making experience and wider commercial advice that captures and secures value. It’s that powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and analytical insight that connects the dots across all aspects of the deal cycle. We are with you all the way to value, making your vision a reality:

- Transaction experience

- Sector specialisation

- Regulatory knowledge

- Tax planning and advice

- Change management

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